Our Mission

On November 29, 1988, six Kansas City Missouri firefighters were killed in the line of duty.  They were putting out a fire that exploded and was caused by arson.  Nine years later, five people were convicted of the fire fighter’s deaths and were sentenced to the rest of their lives in a federal prison.  Defense attorneys have always believed and continue to believe that the five defendants were innocent.

This page is dedicated to finding and collecting new information that will help establish what happened the night of the explosion.

The following pages have links to stories written by the Kansas City Star and others depicting the public information that has been uncovered since the trial.  Our justice system is only as good as the people involved, and it depends on citizens coming forward and disclose what they know.

If you have information, please call 816-781-1188.  Or email:  kcfirefighter88explosion@gmail.com or respond to this Facebook page                            with a message.